Surfaces + Science = PiShield Antimicrobial Durability


Cleveland, OH, July 31, 2020 — “What’s in a name? ” This quote by William Shakespeare is a profound one that suggests names themselves do not hold worth or meaning — that they simply act as labels to distinguish one from another. Yet today, Pison Stream Solutions has more than a name to announce, we’re launching a new proprietary coating platform that holds worth, and meaning, and literally named itself — based on science, surfaces, and the active ingredient that is EPA-Registered for certain surfaces within industrial, institutional, commercial or residential locations for non-food contact use.

Pison is proud to introduce PiShield Surface Coating Antimicrobial Treated Article Platform. The PiShield proprietary coating treatment provides durable antimicrobial protection for surfaces. The unique PiShield coating forms a micro thin clear shield on surfaces providing effective durable antimicrobial protection of the products by bonding to the treated substrate. Antimicrobial properties are built in to inhibit the growth of bacteria that may affect substances/surfaces treated with this platform; when applied, the coating only protects the product, not the user.

Product features include: preserving surfaces to protect product; providing durable resistance to odor-causing bacteria, as well as mold and algae that can cause discoloration, and staining; deodorizes by combating deterioration and mildew caused by bacteria, fungi and algae; and mitigates growth of surface damaging mold and mildew between deep cleanings.

Why PiShieldSimply stated, (π) represents periphery, the outer limits or external surface area of an object; Pî is irrational, meaning it can never terminate in form, thus goes on forever…and when paired with Shield then quite logically it is the best name to represent continuous protection on surfaces.

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