New Patent Granted for Breaking “Renewable” Ceilings


BRECKSVILLE, OH, April 6, 2021 – Pison Stream Solutions (PSS/Pison) receives US Patent No. 10,971,280 from the USPTO. Today’s new PSS patent award is for a groundbreaking renewable energy application process. This invention engineered following Pison’s previous 2018 patent composition Solar Active Powder for Fusion Powder Coating. Pison’s continuation patent marks an innovative departure from traditional solar energy processes and how their novel composition film can be applied to various surfaces.

Pison R&D creates disruptive innovative chemical coating solutions for multiple industries including military/defense, functional (OEM), additive platforms, antimicrobial, and their latest advancement in renewable energy (solar technology to replace conventional energy).

Taking this momentum and further prototype product testing throughout 2021, Pison R&D is optimistic to possibly collaborate and market this solar technology platform by year 2022.