We Dream to Innovate.


Pison Stream Solutions recognizes Martin Luther King Jr. Day (MLK Day) as a company-wide holiday to reflect with fellow Americans. As we celebrate on the third Monday in January each year, MLK Day is a time when our country remembers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life, his tireless work to unify our nation, and to honor his legacy through a day of service. At Pison, we believe that helping others is important to create an inclusive environment … it strengthens our community, builds empathy, and bridges indifference toward a deeper level of understanding.

As Dr. King stated: “science investigates” … through examining facts and teaching so we can learn … and “religion interprets” … by explaining so we can understand, empathize and unite. Both must coexist to find meaning, purpose and balance. Let us take time to reflect today, this week, this month and over this hopeful new year of 2021, to remember what this MLK Day means and how we can make a difference for a neighbor or a stranger. We encourage all to help others, to discover common direction. May we come together peacefully and we can reach common goals.

Dream, Investigate, Interpret . . . Innovate.