Another Pison Patent in Coating Additives Granted


BRECKSVILLE, OH , May 20, 2021 – Pison Stream Solutions (PSS/Pison) received US Utility Patent 11,008,474 from the USPTO, entitled “Multi-Functional Flexibility Additive for Chemical Coating Compositions”. This new additive technology lists numerous powder coating enhancing capabilities, such as: reduces orange peel, lowers viscosity (improved fluid flow) during endothermic reactions, improved chemical and weathering resistance, and provides exceptionally high flexibility to the final, cured coating.

Additionally, this multi-functional flexibility additive serves as: a flow agent to improve surface tension, a slip agent for improved scratch resistance, and increases the physical strength of the coating system. The binder platform for the additive contains polyester resin, acrylic resin, anti-corrosion pigment, UV inhibitor, a flow modifier, and glass flakes.

Moving forward, Pison R&D is looking to market under their PSS PiStream Product Division, and collaborate with leading industry manufacturers to incorporate this additive technology into their final coating systems.