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Developing protection against surface contaminants.

Our uniquely engineered platforms and solutions are being developed for combating diverse noxious pathogens. Our coating technology developments are created to test growth and migration, along with preserving a customer’s vital underlying surface quality.

Pison develops product platforms to be integrated into a vast range of product applications across aerospace, automotive, agriculture, factory, office, home goods, and furniture sectors.

Antimicrobial Coating Platform

Proprietary Coating

PiShield is a proprietary coating technology that provides durable antimicrobial protection for surfaces.

Surfaces + Science is How PiShield Works:
A unique coating forms a micro thin clear shield on surfaces providing effective durable antimicrobial protection of the products by bonding to the treated substrate.

PiShield Antimicrobial coating may be applied to certain product surfaces in commercial or residential locations for non-food contact uses. PiShield makes no public health claims. The coating platform’s antimicrobial properties do not protect users against bacteria, viruses or other germs. Coatings only protect the product, not the user.

PiShield can be applied to a wide variety of non-food contact surfaces made from ceramic, porcelain, fiberglass, polyethylene, metals, wood, glass, leather, natural and synthetic fabrics, such as the following:

PiShield Coating Platform

Surfaces | Applications

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Cabinetry | Hardware

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Upholstery | Carpets

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Bath Fixtures | Wallpaper

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Seats | Armrests | Dash

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Counters | Faucets | Tile

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Furniture | Floors | Glass

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Tables | Desks | Chairs

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Doors | Levers | Railings

U.S. EPA-Registered Active Ingredient

PiShield Features + Capabilities

• Preserves surfaces to protect products

• Surface coating active ingredient provides durable resistance to odor-causing bacteria, as well as mold and algae that can cause discoloration and staining

• Deodorizes by combating deterioration and mildew caused by bacteria, fungi and algae

• Durable micro thin shield mitigates growth of surface damaging mold and mildew between deep cleanings

• Regular removal of dust, dirt, and grime will not impact coating’s protective shield


Ultra-powered innovations

MiSurfacute™ is an innovative platform—leading key development for both our liquid cleaners, and separate antimicrobial powder coatings—in which we’re discovering exciting progress from our diligent Research and Development Teams. Pison’s R&D Lab is pioneering this and future disinfectant formulations to work with manufacturers of furniture, textiles, equipment manufacturing, and various transportation industries…all to integrate production of a more beneficial and durable surface for a product’s useful life.


Promoting immaculate surfaces.

More powerful than traditional cleaning products.

Designed to prevent wear and preserve surfaces.

Leaves a clear coating and acts instantly.

Works on any substrate hard surfaces, polymers and fabrics.

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Need a custom powder coating solution?

Our PisonBespoke division can reformulate any of our Antimicrobial product platforms with made-to-order colors, finishes, and applications.