About Us

OUR STORY Began in 2010

Inspired by a greater purpose.

“Pison” is derived from the name of a historical river encircling a rich and renowned garden. This river was considered a life source that brought unending value to the people and the land. We intend to bring that same value to the communities where we operate and beyond.

Creations through brilliance.™

Pison Stream Solutions is a global leader in the research and development of chemical coatings platforms for niche markets. We implement our systems across defense, aerospace, functional, automotive, antimicrobial, renewable energy applications, and additive platforms.

Our strength resides in our highly qualified global talent. Every member of the team maintains the highest standards in quality, consistency and sustainability. Together, we create groundbreaking solutions that both ensure our customers’ success and inspire continuous advancements in chemical and technological research.

Our ongoing developments have set us on an innovation path.

Sectors & Products

Speeding products to market across five business lines.



Protective coating platforms, designed to safeguard soldiers, military machinery and the environment.

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Clear coat platforms, delivering unmatched protection for functional and industrial equipment.

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Novel technology integrated into coatings for higher performance and extended protection.

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Antimicrobials | Super Cleaners

Antimicrobials | Super Cleaners

Powerful and unique coatings technology to help protect and clean high touch surfaces.

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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Revolutionary green energy sources in the form of powder coating technology.

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A history of innovation.


The Birth of Pison

Pison was founded by visionary chemist and inventor, Joseph H. James. In pursuit of Joseph’s vision to break ground in the coatings field, we opened our first offices in Nashville, Tennessee.


Research & Development

Always innovating, PSS applied for the first of several Powder Coating Patents for use with Military Products, Solar Energy and Additive Platforms in coating technology solutions.


Our Expansion

Pison opened research facilities in the Greater Cleveland Metropolitan Area – an area known and well-positioned for polymer research development. We quickly began our trajectory and created new jobs within the NE Ohio community.


New Centre of Expertise & HQ

Fast paced growth...including a Centre of Expertise we opened near our R&D Laboratories and Manufacturing in Ohio. By year end, we established a new headquarters in the epicenter of renewable energy research and cutting-edge innovation—New York.


Global Trajectory Plans

Settling into Downtown Manhattan's WTC campus, we are reminded and inspired by Lady Liberty ...“to promote the progress of science and useful arts.” [The U.S. Constitution]


Defense Coating in QPD

US Army Research Lab approves White Type III Topcoat Powder for Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC). Tenth Anniversary Year Victory!



Pison is working to better local and global societies by continuously expanding, creating jobs, and innovating more sustainable technologies.