New Patent Granted: Antimicrobial Powder Coating Platform


BRECKSVILLE, OH / NEW YORK, NY, April 5, 2022 – Today, Pison Stream Solutions (PSS/Pison) received US Utility Patent 11,292,921 from the USPTO, entitled “High Performance Antimicrobial Coating Composition”.  This marks the company’s first Patent granted for innovation in Chemical Coatings’ specifically for Antimicrobial Powder Coating applications; and the second Patent granted to Pison this 2022 year alone from the USPTO. Pison Stream Solutions has a US Portfolio (IP) of nine patents in various areas of chemical formulation and coating platforms, including: Solar Active Fusion, Mar and Scratch Protections, UV Absorbing Coatings, Additive Flow Aids for Coatings, and Coatings for Defense/Military assets.

Yet, in comparison to Pison’s diverse IP growth, today’s Antimicrobial coating IP achievement holds far more meaning in a global post-pandemic consciousness.  Utilizing innovative chemical technology to combat environmental contaminants by integrating an antimicrobial coating into furniture, architectural elements, appliances, and everyday hand-held items will be the common way products are designed/manufactured going forward…with dual-purpose and reassuring concepts.  This novel Pison antimicrobial formulated technology holds such dual-purpose — as both surface protection and germ-resistant enhancements for use within various powder coating systems—ideal for any industrial manufacturing requiring powder coating surface applications and mindful protection.


This antimicrobial powder composition is a combination of polyester hydroxyl resins, spherical glass flakes blended in conjunction with one or more polymeric curatives — a unique blend of self-healing antimicrobial metals types such as: nickel, zinc, zirconium molybdenum, and copper. The formulation blend is then extruded as a powder master batch for in-line application of surface coating processes within existing manufacturing systems.

Pison’s antimicrobial coating composition, also referred to as Misurfacute™ that is particularly advantageous because it is effective in eliminating and reducing the growth of various microbes, bacteria, and germs up to 99.9998% in comparison to untreated surfaces. This constitutes above five orders of magnitude or more, which is marked improvement over conventional antimicrobial products available today, most commonly use silver-based (-ion/-nitrate) technology.  Pison’s composition has properties that exceed the protection of silver technology for antimicrobial coatings. Further, the inventive composition prevents the spread of microbes across surfaces over a period of up to twelve months, despite repeated contamination and can be applied to almost any and all substrates, such as: metal, aluminum, plastic, or wood.

The antimicrobial coating disclosed delivers the following characteristics and advantages in comparison to currently available antimicrobial coatings:

  • Shield against bacteria, germs and microbes
  • Universally applicable to any substrate, paints, coatings and polymers
  • Antimicrobial coating when applied to surface, activates within 10 minutes of exposure to bacteria, germs and/or microbes
  • Increased resistance to microorganisms, up to seven times more effective than preexisting antimicrobials. Increased durability in comparison to conventional antimicrobial coatings, particularly in terms of recontamination and/or withstanding repeated cleaning and scrubbing, resulting in long-lasting protection against fungi, mold, and bacteria for up to 12 months
  • Relatively quick and simple processing (cure time)
  • Free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and/or carcinogens, causing little to no toxic emissions, odor, or degradation of air quality
  • Prepared as a powder or liquid coating
  • Overall, it enhances the utility and resale value of articles to which the coating is applied

Moving forward, Pison R&D, located in Brecksville, OH, is marketing under their PSS Misurfacute™ ANTIMICROBIAL Product Division, and is currently discussing collaboration with leading industry manufacturers to incorporate Pison technology into their systems. Further details and developments are pending, and will be released at a later date in 2022.