New Patent in Coating Additives Granted


BRECKSVILLE, OH , March 16, 2021 – Pison Stream Solutions (PSS/Pison) receives US Utility Patent 10,947,395 from the USPTO. Titled: “Multi-Functional Flow Modifier for Chemical Coating Compositions” — this Patent marks an innovative departure from traditional chemical coating additive formulations. Numerous benefits include the technology’s multi-functional ability as a flow modifier, wetting agent, gloss control additive, and rheology modifier.

Pison R&D has discovered that the modifier formulation enables its use in a wide range of different coating platforms without the need for leveling aids. Pison’s Patented Flow Modifier (P0720PE distributed under the PSS PiStream Product Division) works specifically as a discrete, holistic powder composition that can be incorporated into either liquid or powder coating formulations.  Further, coating compositions utilizing this multi-functional flow modifier can be applied on various substrate types such as plastic, metal, aluminum, wood, concrete, paper, cloth, stucco and several other materials to act as a coating.

“We’re looking at raw materials differently…striving for efficiency in how it all works together.”

Taking this momentum forward in 2021, Pison R&D is looking to collaborate with leading industry manufacturers to incorporate this additive technology into their latest products.