New Pison Patent for Mar & Scratch Coating Additives Granted


BRECKSVILLE, OH , September 14, 2021 – Today Pison Stream Solutions (PSS/Pison) received US Utility Patent 11,118,071 from the USPTO, entitled “Multi-Functional Additive for Mar and Scratch Resistance”. This marks Pison’s third Additive Patent granted for innovation in the Chemical Coatings’ Additives market industry, and the fourth granted to Pison this year from the USPTO. This novel “mar and scratch” IP technology holds multiple surface protection and enhancement capabilities for use within various powder coating systems—ideal for the automotive transportation markets and other industrial manufacturing requiring primers or top-coats with enhanced surface protection.

This powder coating Additive with Mar and Scratch protective capabilities has key features, such as: friction reduction, minimal loss of gloss, and minimal haze formation among other benefits
of being multi-functional and cost-saving.

Moving forward, Pison R&D looks to market under their PSS PiSol™ Product Division, and collaborate with leading industry manufacturers to incorporate this additive technology into their final coating systems.