Super Cleaners on the Verge of Discovery


New York, NY, March 29, 2020 — The Pison Team, like the whole world in this early new quarter of 2020, has been deeply impacted by the health of our New York and Ohio neighbors and our Nation bravely fighting the battle with COVID-19. Since January, Pison R&D strategically shifted focus from developing powder to liquid—inspired by the lab’s work creating a proprietary trade secret MiSurfacute™ powder coating platform viable for commercial industrial applications—now we have re-engineered a broad spectrum liquid solution super cleaner product. These new super cleaners work on nearly any surface, any furnishing, any interior component, any textile, or any inanimate item touchable by human hands or contaminants. Product formulations are based on methods using chemistry that is safe, non-toxic, and not only cleans surfaces, but provides a micro-clear-shield while it dries—thus making a surface super clear for days or weeks. Anticipating a product launch into commercial business markets by April-May, the new cleaner products are being third-party tested to confirm efficacy rates. Independent laboratory ASTM testing will further verify previous exceptional data supporting the formula’s abilities and benefits when applied to any hard or porous, textile surface. Stay tuned for more product details, and reports this spring and summer as we perfect and expand our innovations.