Pison Amongst Icons in World Trade Center (WTC)


NEW YORK, NY:  Operating in NYC since late 2018, Pison has recently completed their move into larger headquarters’ space within the historic One World Trade Center (1WTC) monolith in Downtown Manhattan.

Pison selected 1WTC as their C-Suite Office for several strategic reasons. Located in the heart of American-commerce, the 1WTC community represents facets of indelible history, unity, transformation, and the future. Team Pison is truly committed to succeeding: “We walk into a fresh space that faces America’s Lady Liberty, a symbol of hopes and dreams—including our dreams and vision to cultivate innovative and sustainable technologies for the world’s benefit.”­­


As noted in previous articles, this move is a multi-phase advancement strategy for Pison. This new office launch is a quarter-floor suite on the 49th Floor, with plans to develop and build-out more space throughout the building over their next four years of growth. They’re setting goals high and aiming for the top… yes literally. Pison is working diligently to anchor for a successful and dynamic trajectory through 2019, 2020 and beyond.

“We’re celebrating this fall and winter by reflecting on our year’s accomplishments while continuing product innovations. We look forward to sharing more disruptive news—focused on change.”